1. The article begins by mentioning two important people with cancer. Who is Elizabeth Edwards? Who is Tony Snow? (This article was written 03/07/07. As a part of this question find out what has happened in the year and a half since this article was written with respect to the cancer of Ms. Edwards and Mr. Snow. Include a link to your sources.) Elizabeth Edwards is a woman hit with a brutal disease that flouts the body’s partitions. She is 57 years old, and her husband is a presidential candidate. Tony Snow is a 51-year-old man that used to serve as a press secretary for the president
2. What is a metastatic cancer cell? It is one of the grimmest conditions a person can face. It is a malignant cellular outposts proliferating far from the neoplastic mass that spawned them.
3. Why does the author call cancer cell barbarians and cannibals? Because they eat all the nutrients on their adopted organ and they block traffic, and clogging conduits.
4. What do we know about the events that transform a normal cell to a cancer cell? We know that it is a cell that lawlessly divides and gives rise to a primary tumor. We also know that scientist identified that generic mutation and chromosomal aberrations that prompt cells to think they are being stimulates by growth hormones when they are not.
5. Why is harder to study metastatic cancer cells? Because the initial stages of malignant transformation are being analyzed in vitro, and that makes it relatively sketchy.
6. How many cells do primary tumors shed each day (in a rodent)? Yet how many metastatic tumors do these rodents have? The rodents have tumors of a billion cells each. But the visible metastases formed in such animals may be counted on the fingers of one hand.
7. Describe two ways metastatic cells can travel through the body avoiding detection from our immune system. it can travel by cross-body trafficking. Another way is by shear forces in the smaller vessels can rip the intruders apart.
8. Where is the first site (oasis for the cancer cell) that metastasis generally occur? It first occurs at wound sites. Why? So that they can gain their first toehold in virgin terrain, and feed on growth hormones. Why is it an oasis? (What is an oasis?) An oasis is a healer. Its fights the bacteria of a cut, and heals your skin.
9. What is a dormant micrometastasis? Why are they relevant to human health? They will not attain macro dimensions unless, among other things, they adapt their new surroundings and interact with their neighbors enough to exploit them.
10. What evidence do we have that metastasis occurs in organs that are similar to the organ of the primary tumor? Give two examples.
11. Find a current (published in last 2 months) news article (from a national source) about cancer. Post a link to the article and write a 75-100 word summary.