Red Betty’s mom told her everything she needed to know about the flu. One day at school, Red Betty heard Green Irene sneeze Ka-choooo. Poor thing said Red Betty you’ve got the flu. Green Irene was worried because she didn’t know what to do, but Red Betty knew what her mom would do if it were her who had the flu. You need to get some rest in bed, so take these tissues for your stuffy head.

The next day Red Betty was talking to Yellow Castello when all of a sudden Yellow Castello did a big Ka-choooo. Poor thing, said Red Betty you’ve got the flu. Red Betty knew just what to do because her mom had told her about the flu. Go home and make yourself a bowl of soup –take a break from school and try to regroup.

Red Betty knew all the complications of the flu; she even knew that pneumonia was a lung infection too. She said to Orange Lilly that you can get Pneumonia from the flu because your lungs are weakened all the way through.

Everyone was talking about the flu at school, and Red Betty was so proud because she knew what to do because he mom had taught her everything about the flu. She knew some basic symptoms that are usually gotten after a short period of time. High fever, shaking chills, chest pains, headache, sore throat and stuffy nose are all the symptoms described by my doctor Joe. But Doctor Joe, knows that the flu can cause bad ear infections, sinus infections, bronchitis, and the worse ever DEATH.

Most people who get the flu are better within 1-to 2 weeks; so for all the students out there, take Red Betty’s advice, because if it were her who had the flu, she would know what to do because her mom has taught her everything about the flu.

Yellow Castello was worried she might spread her sickness around school but she didn’t know how to prevent it. Red Betty knew just what to do to prevent the spread of the flu. She told yellow Castello to wash her hands and to always cover her nose when she sneezes. That will help the virus from getting around school.

Also, said Red Betty, the flu can be spread through the air and when someone touches doorknobs, and drinks from the water fountains, so be sure to wash your hands.

The weekend had come and gone and everyone was back to school. Green Irene had gotten a lot of rest, and was prepared to take her biology test. She was felling much better because she had gone to see the doctor.

Doctor Joe, told Green Irene she could either get a shot or nasal spray. The shot contains killed flu viruses that won't cause you to get the flu. But it will make your body create antibodies that fight off the infection if you encounter the live flu virus, said Doctor Joe.

The nasal mist contains weakened live flu viruses. Because it contains live viruses, the mist is not for kids - they are the ones with weakened immune systems and become the flu victims.

As the day went on, Red Betty saw Green Irene in the hall, looking beautiful and alive again. It must had been the rest, fluids, and shot that made Green Irene all better.

So know when someone else screams KA_CHOOO, Orange Lilly, Green Irene, or Yellow Castello will now what to do because they were taught information about the flu.