Magic Johnson has it.
A virus so no cure.
Can get from needles.
Affects your immune system.
Can get from transferring blood, breast milk, semen and vaginal fliuds.
Condoms prevent transmission. Not 100% effective but close.
affects appetite. wasting disease. get very skinny.
Can't cure it but can treat it.
in the US more males than females have it.
In the US more males have it due to homosexual sex (60%) than other cause like needles or heterosexual sex etc.
more than a million people in the US have HIV
Sometimes people have it and don't know it because they are asymptomatic.
It is an STD

Questions about it:
How did it start in the first person? A chimpanzee's blood somehow got mixed into a humans blood and they had HIV
How long can someone live with HIV? You can't say a specific number, each case is different so it depends
What does HIV stand for? Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Is anyone working on a cure? What are they working on? No, we don't think it is possible to have a cure
Has anyone ever been cured? no
How do treatments work? The man drugs stop the virus from copying itself
How old are most HIV people?
Are the number of cases in the US increasing or decreasing?
Are the treatments to prevent AIDS or after AIDS start? to prevent aids
What are the side effects of taking the treatments?
Do you take medicine for the side effects?
Is it illegal to knowingly transmit HIV? yes it is illegal