Fat is doing us a favor...You may need to look up some of the answers on the internet or your book.
(1) Liposuction suctions out adipose tissue. What is adipose tissue?
(2) Define epidemic.
(3) Define obesity.
(4) How could we have an obesity epidemic?
(5) What are the main obesity related illnesses?
(6) How does the liver protect the body from alcohol?
(7) Where does excess energy go?
(8) Why do we have so much excess energy in our diet?
(9) If we didn't have adipose tissue where could we put the excess energy? Is this OK?
(9) Humans have much more body fat than our closest relatives the chimpanzees. What is a possible evolutionary reason for this?
(10) Adipocytes (Fat cells) are filled with fat called triglycerides. Describe the triglyceride structure and why it contains so much energy.
(11) What happens to adipocytes when we gain weight? (a lot of weight)
(12) Adipose tissue can be an endocrine gland too. Which hormone do adipocytes release, and how does this signal the body that it is time for puberty?