Fat is doing us a favor...You may need to look up some of the answers on the internet or your book.

(1) Liposuction suctions out adipose tissue. What is adipose tissue?
*Is it fat in the thighs, butt, belly man breast, and jowls. Adipose tissue stores energy in the form of fat.

(2) Define epidemic.
  • a disease that is caused in humans and this disease is bigger than expected.

(3) Define obesity.-
*its an issue of energy balance.
  • if you are consuming too many calorie than you are burning off, you become obesity.

(4) How could we have an obesity epidemic?
  • - We could have an obesity epidemic if ate a lot of fast food and cut out most fats in our diets, which would cause us to eat more and especially eat more carbohydrates to make up the loss of fat that we eliminated from our diets.

(5) What are the main obesity related illnesses?
  • heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes- mostly type 2.

(6) How does the liver protect the body from alcohol?
  • it tries to get rid of the toxins that the alcohol bring to the liver. It also tries to detox the liver. The livers tries to filter out the alcohol. To much alcohol can wear your liver out and your liver will stop working.

(7) Where does excess energy go?
  • It goes to the fat tissue and the fat tissue absorbs the energy from the fat that is in the food we eat. Some of the energy s stored as lipids.

(8) Why do we have so much excess energy in our diet?
  • because humans eat more than their body need and food equals energy and if you over eat, you are giving your body a lot of unnecessary energy.

(9) If we didn't have adipose tissue where could we put the excess energy? Is this OK?
  • * the excess energy would go to the liver. It causes extreme liver swelling, liver failure and sometimes liver-bearer death. This is not ok. The lipids could store some of the energy.
(9) Humans have much more body fat than our closest relatives the chimpanzees. What is a possible evolutionary reason for this?
  • we are bigger than chimpanzes. The bigger you are the more energy your body can hold, and the more food you can consume. Your height also has to do with your body fat percentage.

(10) Adipocytes (Fat cells) are filled with fat called triglycerides. Describe the triglyceride structure and why it contains so much energy.
  • 3 fatty acids. Fatty aids come from vegetables and animal fats. Fatty acids help with energy, and they when you eat foods with a lot of fatty acids, these foods mostly are high in fat.

(11) What happens to adipocytes when we gain weight? (a lot of weight)
  • we stretch the adipocytes out when we gain weight. This can cause obesity because they are working harder and we are getting fatter.

(12) Adipose tissue can be an endocrine gland too. Which hormone do adipocytes release, and how does this signal the body that it is time for puberty?
*adiponectin, angiotensin, TNFa, IL-6 extradiol resistin, , plasminogen activarot inhibitor,

sources: article and wikipedia.