Summarize (in complete sentences) what you know about these flu topics. (A brief paragraph for each)
  • Why is the flu a serious disease?
    • The flu is a serious disease because it can kill you if you don't get the correct treatment for it. If you dont get a vaccine for the flu, you can become very ill, and/or pass it onto others.
  • How is the flu spread?
    • The flu is spread mostly through the air by coughs or sneezing creating aerosols containing the virus. It can spread through blood, saliva, feces, and nasal secretion. You can become infected with the flu between 1 and 4 days before you symptoms appear. They ofter start at school or in a place where people are in close counters with each other.
* What are the benefits and risks of a flu vaccine?
    • You should wash your hands a lot, stop sharing cups, and get a vaccine. Each year scientists come up with a vaccine of the flu that they might think it is. The shot contains killed flu viruses that won't cause you to get the flu, but will make your body create antibodies that fight off infection if you encounter the live flu virus. Your body is then prepared to fight off the flu when it enters your body. But on the other hand if you get teh vaccine, your body may not see it has a helpful thing to your immune system, and you make become sick.