Pregnancy: TWINS


How are twins conceived?
  1. In the female, multiple eggs are released or there is more than just one ovulation. Both eggs get fertilized, creating fraternal twins.
  2. One egg is released, but is split into two eggs, creating identical twins.
  3. Sometimes people that are having problems with getting pregnant get three or more eggs implanted into the uterus (assuming that not all of the eggs will get fertilized), and they end up having two eggs that get fertilized thus creating twins.

What makes twins identical...
  • Two pre-embryos will be identical twins because they have the exact same chromosomes
  1. Always same sex and blood type
  2. Not necessarily exactly a like (one might be left-handed, while another is right handed)
  3. Develop at random (no linkage to family history or specific races)
  4. Rarely come from infertility treatment
What makes fraternal twins...

  • Fraternal twins occur when two different eggs are fertilized by two different sperm (don't have exact same chromosomes)
  1. Can be of different sexes
  2. May look very different
    1. different hair color
    2. different eye color
    3. different height, physical features
  3. Common in older mothers, especially African mothers
  4. Least common in Asian mothers
  5. Common in families where there is a history of twins

Symptoms of twin pregnancy...
  1. Weight gain-significant weight gain in comparison to single pregnancies
  2. Regular pregnancy symptoms are doubled-mothers will experience normal pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness, with double the severity

Pre-term birth...
  • Pre-term birth is encouraged by multiple pregnancies
  • It is important to make sure twins aren't born too early (which is common) because it puts the babies at major health risks


Podcast Outline:

  • How are twins made?
  • Identical vs. Fraternal twins
  • Twin symptoms in pregnancy
  • Pre-term birth